Our Project

The Sharing a Pantry is an initiative of the Municipality of Guatemala City, Agromercantil Bank, Rotary Guatemala, La Reforma Guatemala Rotary Club (Rotarac) and Allied Global whose objective is to feed the most vulnerable neighbors due to the COVID 19 pandemic. The boxes available in the pantry contain items of the basic food basket and will help feed one family unit of five members for approximately 15 days. You may sponsor a family starting at Q175 or more than one family in the 22 zones of Guatemala City. The sponsorship may last as long as your heart desires. #Together #WeAchieveMore. (#JuntosLogramosMas).

Who do we help?

The selected families come from all of the 22 zones. Visits to the homes were conducted in order to verify the family´s need to be adopted by supporting them with a “Sharing a Pantry” for as long as it can be given.

Donation of Sharing a Pantry

With the Sharing a Pantry initiative, each family in need will receive food items to cover the COVID 19 emergency. Each box has 25 basic products:

  • Vegetable oil (800ml)
  • Cornmeal drink in a bag (900gr)
  • Iodized table salt (400gr)
  • Spaghetti (200gr)
  • Sugar bag (2500gr)
  • Beans bag (400gr)
  • Corn meal bag (907gr)
  • Instant coffee (180gr)
  • Tomato sauces with meat (114gr)
  • Rice bag (400gr)
  • Powdered milk bag (360gr)
  • Cereal (1000gr)
  • Oatmeal (380gr)

*Amounts and quantities subject to availability.


Families helping families

Thanks to the gestures of solidarity and love of all of the families who are part of this project, many homes now have hope of having bread on their table.